Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In Hollywood, infidelity can be viewed as funny and romantic such as the case of the movie Micki + Maude. Dudley Moore plays Rob Salinger, a tv reporter who juggles two relationships, even causing the two women of his life Micki and Maude (Micki Salinger and Amy Irving) to give birth at the same time at the same hospital. Stephen Bishop, one of the best known artists in the '80's sang the theme Something New In My Life. It ws heard mainly at the opening credits showing different images drawn by a child.

sung by: Stephen Bishop

I guess I wanted something new in my life
I new key to fit a new door
To wake and see a diff’rent view in my life
The one I have been waitin’ for

Dreams, like everyone I’ve had a few in my life
Who knew that this one would come true in my life
I knew the moment when you touched me
You touched me

You’re like a sudden breeze that blew in my life
A new face, a new smile, a new song
And now I know I wanted you in my life all along

I guess I must have saved an empty place in my heart
For you to come and fill this space in my heart
That long before I said I loved you, I love you

Whatever happens, this is true in my life
When all the springs have come and gone
Whatever dance I may go through in my life
You’ll always be somethin’ new in my life
From now on, yeah, yeah

I know there always will be you in my life
From now on, yeah, yeah

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