Tuesday, September 22, 2009


One of the songs I remember listening during my childhood was from the movie Summer Holiday. Cliff Richard starred in the said movie and sung numerous songs one of which is The Next Time. A very laidback theme from an otherwise upbeat movie. A perfect song on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

sung by: Clff Richard

They say I’ll love again someday
A true love will come my way the next time
But after you there’ll be never be
A next time for me

They say that I’ll find happiness in someone
Else warm caress the next time
I’ll soon forget your kiss
And heartaches such as this will
Just be ancient history

They say that I’m a fool to weep
That I won’t go on losing sleep the next time
And someone else will mend the heart
You’ve broken in two

But how can I fall in love the next time
When I’m still so much in love with you
When I’m still so much in love with you

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