Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Mambo Kings is the story of two Cuban brothers (Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas) who dreams to make it big as musicians in the 1950's New York but learned the hard way as the club they are performing are run by mobsters who wants to control them. With great soundtrack such as the one Antonio Banderas sang himself, Beautiful Maria Of My Soul.

sung by: Antonio Banderas & Mambo All-Stars

In the sunlight of your smile
In the summer of our lives
In the magic of love
Storms above scattered away

Lovers dreaming in the night
Reaching for paradise
But as the dark shadows fade
Love slips away

On an empty stretch of beach
In the pattern of the waves
Drawing pictures with my hand
In the sand, I see your face

Skipping pebbles on the sea
Wishing for paradise
Sand castles crumble below
The restless tides ebb and flow
Listening to a shell
Hoping for your voice
Beautiful Maria of my soul
Of my soul


Though we’ll always be apart
Locked forever in a dream
If I ever love again
Even then, nothing will change
And the taste of you remains
Clinging to paradise
But as the distance from you grows
All that my heart ever knows
Hunger for your kiss
Longing for your touch
Beautiful Maria of my soul
Filling all my nights
Haunting all my days
Beautiful Maria of my soul
Of my soul, of my soul


Si deseo sonreir
Pienso solamente en ti
En la magia de tu amor
En tu piel, en tu sabor

En la isla del dolor
Recuerdo tu calor
Desearia morir
Cerca de ti

Un ardiente corazon
Colorea mi passion
Deseando compartir
El sentir de este vivir

En las olas de este mar
Sueno en la eternidad
Con cada luna vendras
Con la merea te iras

En un caracol
Pienso oir tu voz
La bella Maria de mi amor

Aunque estemos separados
En un sueno angelicar
Si llego de nuevo amar
No hay razon, proque cambiar

Temo yo permancer
Sin ti en la eternidad
Lejos nos puedon separar
Jamas pudiera olvidar
Tu risa celestial
Tus besos, tu calor
La bella Maria de mi amor

Si no te vuelva a ver
No dejaras de ser
La bella Maria de mi amor

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